How to Properly Use Real Estate Websites for House Hunting

Finding the right home can be challenging. Especially when we live in such a digital world. While there’s no shortage of homes to virtually view, it can be a little tricky maneuvering through the thousands of potential homes online. Plus, as easy as it is to fall in love with multiple properties, there’s always that chance that a “listed” home is a scam listing. So, how do you properly navigate real estate websites to find the perfect Toccoa, GA home and ensure that the place you’re thinking of looking at in person is a legit home for sale? Let’s talk about it!

Benefits of Real Estate Websites

We’re not saying you should never use real estate websites to house hunt, but we are saying you should use them as a browsing tool more than an accurate depiction of the market. Many sites like Zillow,, and Trulia allow you to do things such as refine your search criteria based on preferences, search for listings via map-based tools, and even have great information on neighborhoods and general amenities.

These platforms are great for things like saving and comparing listings, but when you find a property you’d like to look at, it’s always in your best interest to reach out to a local real estate agent to find out important details. Not only will a local agent be able to confirm if the property is still listed, but they can also offer you valuable representation and help you with negotiations should you decide the home is the right fit for you.

Learning to Strategically Maneuver Real Estate Websites

As one of the most valuable tools for house hunting, real estate websites are great and serve a meaningful purpose. However, they’re not always the most up-to-date resource for house hunters. While many of them do pull listings from local MLS platforms, they also often allow users to sign up for an account and list a property directly. The downside of that is that many times, long after a home is sold, those virtual listings don’t get updated to reflect the sale and will show for months or even years sometimes as still available. This can make it tricky when trying to determine a property’s true availability.

While you’re narrowing down your criteria on potential properties that match your needs (think number of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen size, etc), you can use these platforms to streamline the house-hunting process. Use these websites as a starting point, to learn more about areas like Toccoa before jumping through the hoops of getting in touch with somebody and going back and forth on scheduling an appointment, and so forth.

One great tool that many real estate websites offer is the ability to check out local agents via ratings and reviews. This is an incredible way to take advantage of what these platforms offer while finding an agent that might be able to offer you great representation. Once you connect with an agent, they’ll be able to help you narrow down your search even more, and they often have access to databases the public doesn’t, which means they might be able to find properties that aren’t listed on public websites, which can benefit you in terms of competition.

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember, that while real estate websites provide a wealth of information, they shouldn’t be the sole basis for your decision-making. Relying on a knowledgeable real estate agent helps ensure you receive accurate and up-to-date information, ultimately leading to a smoother and more successful house-hunting experience.